Gothic Opera Answers


At Gothic Opera, we like to bring to the stage mysterious operas, but we don't want opera to be mysterious. 

We know opera is too often seen as complicated, inaccessible.. or just 'not my thing'. 

Part of our core ethos and mission is to open up the world of opera to those who are less familiar with it, and bring new audiences to this art form. 

Gothic Opera Answers is a series of videos in which we will seek to answer common questions and explore misconceptions about opera. 

To ask us questions, watch our videos on our YouTube channel and just leave a comment!   

As with all of our projects, your support can go a long way. Please donate via the 'support us' section or get in touch at - and help us make opera a bit less mysterious (but no less spooky!). 


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Gothic Opera Answers series
episode 01 - 'What is opera?'