"All credit to Gothic Opera for staging this rarely performed opera with such palpable enthusiasm"

Opera Now reviews Gothic Opera's production of Der Vampyr


Lord Ruthven

Ian Beadle


Alice Usher / Milena Knauss (26th Oct)

Sir Edgar Aubrey

Sam Smith / Jack Roberts

(26th, 31st Oct, 1st Nov) / (27th Oct, 3rd Nov)

The Vampire Master

Gráinne Gillis


Charlotte Osborn / Susanna McRae (26th Oct)

Sir Humphrey Davenaut

Jon Stainsby / Richard Moore (26th Oct)

Sir John Berkeley

Richard Moore


Béatrice de Larragoïti / Laura Curry (26th Oct)

George Dibdin

Matthew Clark


Rosemary Clifford / Gráinne Gillis (27th Oct)

Tom Blunt

Richard Moore

Gothic Opera's inaugural production, Der Vampyr, was funded via Kickstarter. Watch the video below:

Der Vampyr 2019

Old Church Stoke Newington, London

Der Vampyr 2019

Asylum Chapel, London

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