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Bluebeard's Castle 

Gothic Opera presents Hungarian composer Bela Bartok’s psychologically fraught opera Bluebeard’s Castle - deconstructed.


As Judith, Bluebeard’s new wife, opens forbidden doors, she uncovers his secrets… room by mysterious room. 

As you tour the sinister castle with Judith, you’ll see digital animations by students of Ravensbourne University and hear the voices of Gothic Opera’s singers - Simon Wilding, Alexandra Long, Beatrice de Larragoiti, Charlotte Osborn and Alice Usher - performing live.

This sense-stimulating tour of Bluebeard’s castle was brought to virtual life by the pandemic as part of the Neverthere @ Surge festival, 4 July 2020. Please note that this video has flashing imagery. 


Click here to read more about the live performances of Bluebeard's Castle, which will take place in July 2021.

Bluebeard's Castle starts at 53:13 minutes in. Alternatively, click to watch on YouTube.


Julia Mintzer



Ugne Sniaukaite

Klaudia Grabczak

Louis Joy

Vincent Sautter

Ugo Onyeji

Athena Rosales

Jade Stainton

Virginia Anyaele


Timea Gazdag



Alexandra Long

Simon Wilding

Béatrice de Larragoïti 

Alice Usher 

Charlotte Osborn 

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